Northern Raiders History

American football is one of the many sports that are played in Australia. The sport is locally known as “gridiron.” Since World II American football has been played across the country but the regular league play in Australia didn’t happen until 1983.

Gridiron Australia represents the sport and the organization is a member of the International Federation of American Football (IFAF). Currently, there are 11 teams that are competing in the
different divisions of the American football. Among these teams is the Northern Raiders.

Charging Forward Since 2011

The Northern Raiders is a gridiron club that is based in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. It was sometime in 2011 that the team was created. Right now there are two main teams for the Raiders– the Lady Raiders and the Men’s Northern Raiders. The team’s women’s
program started sometime in 2013.

Comprised of a party of great players and staff, the team describes their group as “a hard
working club that play a non-nonsense brand of football.”

Since the group’s inception, they have been growing steadily on and off the field. They also take pride in their involvement in the community they thrive in. Through their presence and their involvement, the group looks forward to broadening the media profile of the sport, especially in the Australian scene.


Northern Raiders take pride in all of their accomplishments as a team.

Their first season was in 2011 and through their strong teamwork and dedication, the group was able to bag the inaugural Division 2 Championship of Gridiron Australia.

The Lady Raiders was the runner-up during
the 2014 VicBowl.

In 2017, the team made another historic win by beating the Melton Wolves at the Division 2 championship games. The team won with an astonishing score of 10-0.

Winning Games with Determination

The Northern Raiders team is known for their infectious attitude and their determination to win every match. Although the group only had two championships under their name, given their history in terms of scoring and their A-list players, the team is definitely one of the
formidable players in the field.

Part of their strategy is to continue on  searching for fresh talents and allowing interested individuals to take part of their try-outs. By scouting talented players, they are able to expand their
family and employ new strategies every now and then.

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