Northern Raiders Players

Training from their home grounds at the L. E. Cotchin Reserve in Reservoir, Melbourne, the Northern Raiders continues to prepare for the gridiron league.

The group has recently won the 2017 Division 2 Championships against the Melton Wolves (10-0) and they are gearing up for another win this year.


The players of Northern Raiders are categorized into three groups, namely the Men’s team, the Women’s team and Junior’s team.

Established in 2011, the Men’s team plays in the second Division of Gridiron Australia. It is open for players who are over the age of 17. Anyone who is interested to play and has the potential, but is not qualified because of the age restriction may join Northern Raiders’ Junior’s team. The line-up is open to players between the ages 15 to 19.

The Junior’s team was created in 2012, a year earlier than the Women’s program.

The Women’s team will only allow players 16 years old and above to play for the Raiders.

Code of Conduct

Players for the Northern Raiders are expected to abide by the club’s Code of Conduct. The group underscores the values of sportsmanship, respect, and camaraderie, among others.

Based on their guidelines, anyone who is found to play dirty or does cheap shots will automatically be removed from the team’s roster. Fighting between team players or with personnel is strongly
frowned upon and will be meted with removal from the game and even suspension.

Respect is a value that the organization continues to uphold. Regardless of gender, sexual preference, religion and cultural background, everyone is expected to treat everyone with respect.

The use of any illegal substances is a big no-no. This guideline is in compliance with the Australian Sports Commission’s Drug Policy.

Membership from the club can also be revoked when any player is found to have violated the Code of Conduct of the organization.

The Club

As a sports club, Northern Raiders continue to invite interested individuals and other talented players. By having a pool of fresh talents, the management team of the organization can easily look for promising athletes that could potentially play professionally for the team.

The club is always open to accept new sign-ups and their training nights would start between April-August and September-December. Pre-season will be between January-March.

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